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This non-invasive technology safely and effectively disintegrates your stone(s) into small particles with shock waves aimed directly at the stone(s). Shock waves are energy pressure waves. These shock waves pass safely through the body. Devices mechanically focus the shock waves greatest energy on the kidney stone(s). This impact of repeated shock waves causes the stone to crack and crumble without causing damage to the surrounding tissue. Breaking down the kidney stone into smaller particles allows the body to expel the stone naturally.

BAP’s state-of-the-art equipment used for SWL includes the Dornier Compact Delta and the HealthTronics LithoDiamond.  The urologist will choose the lithotripter best suited for the patient depending upon the size and type of the stone, severity of the condition, and the age and health of the patient.


In 1992 BAP mobilized its first lithotripter.  The HM3 (bath unit) was housed in a 48’ trailer and pulled up to a connecting pad beside a facility to treat patients.  We currently have six mobile lithotripters that travel throughout the State of Florida to other medical facilities to treat SWL patients. With new technology, we now wheel the lithotripters into the facilities operating room.  Please contact us at any time to find the location of the facility nearest you.






(Compact Delta)

Shock Wave Lithotripsy Units: LithoDiamond and Compact Delta
The LithoDiamond and the Compact Delta are table-top units which are transported into a facility treatment room.  Fluoroscopy and Ultrasound (used to locate the stone) are available on both units.  General anesthesia, I.V. Sedation or twilight sleep is delivered by anesthesia personnel as needed to maintain patient comfort throughout the procedure. Your urologist will choose the equipment and anesthesia modality he feels will be the best treatment for your stone.


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